It will be important for us to put the model to sleep and keep it as long as possible. It will be very helpful to "hold" the toddler without sleep from the morning until his arrival for the session (of course I realise that when driving a car it is often very difficult or even impossible :). The second important point: please feed your baby just before arrival. The day before the session, please moisturise the baby's skin after bathing (important: daily bathing promotes exfoliation of the skin, so the latest guidelines in this matter include a recommendation not to bathe newborns more than twice a week). If your child's skin comes off - moisten the wrists and feet, do the same thing in the morning after the morning toilet. If you are breastfeeding, please do not experiment with food at least the day before the session :-)


For the session, dress comfortably so that it is easy for you to feed if you are breastfeeding. Because you will spend a few hours with me, on the surface where my other models are crawling - please take a change of shoes with you (unless you do not mind walking in socks). Take something to eat with you (especially with breast feeding ) Prepare one set of clothes for photos with your baby - perfectly smooth T-shirts / shirts / blouses, preferably in solid colors, without any inscriptions, patterns, stickers - white, beige, navy blue, black. Bring a change of clothes in case your little one gets wet or dirty (spare socks often come in handy)


Essential - the simplest 0-1 mc dummy will be perfect (it is light, has a small shape and even lazy ones can keep it in their mouths). I am asking you to take the soother with you, even if you do not intend to use it at home. The child will not get used to using the dummy within a few strokes and I know from experience that in some poses a sucking reflex is strongly activated, which due to the position of the child cannot be satisfied with a bottle. Other items which will be essential : 4 cloth diapers, at least 3 nappies a blanket (ideally if it is smooth and not knitted - these are usually imprinted on the naked skin during feeding or cuddling and leave a pattern :-)) wet tissues, cotton pads + saline to wash the eyes if the baby has problems with the eyes feeding accessories, a change of clothes for yourself shoes for a change something to eat (especially when you are breastfeeding)


Please take some food. If you are breastfeeding, please do not hesitate - take a BOTTLE with expressed breast milk for these few hours of joint session (even 20-30 ml is enough). Sometimes the child wakes up exactly when he is perfectly positioned for a photo, and then it is enough to calm him down for a moment with a few strokes from the bottle. TEMPERATURE: The room temperature will be appropriate for taking photos with or without clothes. It means that it will be very warm, I often heat my surroundings with a small heater fan - which gives a double effect - warmth and a sleepy sound. Please dress lightly / on the onion :-) I warn you that you will be sleepy :) This effect will be enhanced by white noise which will be flying in the background. The room will also be dimly lit (for sure there will be no reading conditions)


A newborn photo session is another change in the environment for a child who becomes very sensitive to signals from the environment. Newborns are particularly sensitive to parental anxiety, so it is important that you come refreshed, relaxed and smiling. If anything during the session causes you concern, please signal it. The priority for me is the comfort and safety of the newborn. I try to adjust the pace of the session to the rhythm imposed by the baby and his needs.