Privacy Policy

What information is being collected?

- Name, contact telephone number, email, children’s names, date of birth or due date.

Who is collecting it?

- The only person who collect data is Kamila Malitka Photography Nottingham.

How is it being collected?

- If client enquired via web contact me tab.
- If client enquire via telephone or email.

- If client enquire via social media – Facebook, Website, Google Maps, Instagram etc.

I will respond to your enquiry via email or DM with the relevant information that you requested. Your details will go on my database and I will follow up with you as needed.

Why data is collected and how it will be used?

- Client data is collected simply so I can respond to client enquiry. Provide service client has requested.

* As the photography is " I like what I see" type of business, which means new clients book based on current work shared, as well as appreciation is the trigger in creative process, Kamila Malitka Photography Nottingham uses images in portfolio, on website, facebook, instagram, etc. in competitions if you DO NOT WANT the images to be used, MUST contact Kamila Malitka Photography and let me know. 

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